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Misogyny, Race & Sex Tapes: Iggy Azalea's Top Vanity Fair Quotes

8 January 2015 | 11:31 am | Staff Writer

"If I did have a sex tape it would be completely fucking fine"

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Australian-born rapper Iggy Azalea undoubtedly became one of music's most heavily discussed artists during the past 12 months and while the Mullumbimby-raised MC has had plenty said about her, she also has a lot to say for herself.

Azalea features in a new Vanity Fair interview in which she talks misogyny, race in rap, sex tapes and her "wild" days and has given us a few very honest quotes that are sure to keep her in the Internet realm of hot topics for a little while longer:

"If you go back to the Rolling Stones and Elvis Presley and Eminem—they've all basically done black music."

The Fancy hit-maker said she didn't think it was weird for a white Australian girl to be a rapper, stating that what she's doing isn't "that far from what we've seen in music history over and over again."

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"I think it has 100,000 percent to do with the fact that I have a vagina."

When asked if the criticism aimed at her is misogynistic, Azalea claimed that rapper Macklemore, who has also come under the spotlight over cultural appropriation and hip hop, wasn't getting the same level of backlash as she has.

"It's almost scarily easy to quickly forget that you had nothing."

Azalea admitted the success of Fancy has pros and cons, stating it was weird to go from "having nothing to having everything I could possibly want."

"If I did have a sex tape it would be completely fucking fine and my own business."

Azalea dismissed the persistent rumours by saying simply, "I would remember if I had a sex tape."

"I'm a homebody. I already did all my wild shit."

The rapper assured us she won't be spiraling out of control anytime soon, confessing her "wild" days are behind her.