Gudinski Says Anzac Day TV Concert 'One Of The Most Special Things' He's Ever Worked On

24 April 2020 | 2:50 pm | Dan Cribb

"It is a massive, massive job.”

Like everything as of late, ANZAC Day will also feel the effects of the COVID pandemic, but thanks to Aussie music juggernaut Michael Gudinski and some of the country’s best artists, it will have “an uplifting and respectful ending”.

Earlier this week, it was revealed Jimmy Barnes, Kevin Parker, Dean Lewis, Tim Minchin, Courtney Barnett, Paul KellyMissy Higgins and more would take part in the huge Music From The Home Front TV concert this Saturday night (25 April) on Nine.

“This whole thing came about as a brainchild of mine,” Gudinksi told The Music.

“I had to rush because I wanted to make what is the most unique ANZAC Day have an uplifting and respectful ending, so that’s where the whole concept came from. To get it on primetime TV makes it available to everyone and Channel Nine jumped on board.”

The Mushroom Group Chairman was quick to attribute the stellar line-up in part to Barnes.

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“Jimmy Barnes has been key in this because I’m not a musician - he’s always the first one to put his hand up,” Gudinski said.

“Jimmy is like an A&R guy; he’s got such a feel for music. It’ll feature a lot of young, really emerging acts, it’ll feature iconic songs done by different people and there’ll be a lot of extra people singing on a number of the songs.

“It’s going to be done with respect but I want it to be uplifting. There are not many things that parents can do with their kids together and all be into it, and I think this will be one of those few moments.

“There’ll be an ad for Support Act – it won’t be full of ads… It’s not a fundraiser but there’ll be a couple of opportunities for people to give money if they want to the frontline nurses, doctors, etc. It’s one of the most special things that I’ve worked on in my life.”

Kicking off at 7:30pm local time this Saturday, Music From The Home Front will largely be pre-recorded.

“There’ll be only a couple of things live because we want to get the quality right,” Guidinski noted.

“Especially with the split screen and feature singers in another place. That way, everyone will have some sort of quality control, but it is a massive, massive job.”

You can find more details here.

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