Aus Music's Most Influential Figure Michael Gudinski On When Live Music Will Be Back

15 May 2020 | 1:59 pm | Staff Writer

"The music business has been shattered."

After being named the 2019 Power 50’s most influential figure in Australian music, music juggernaut Michael Gudinski has shared his thoughts as to when and how we’ll see live music return around the COVID pandemic.

Speaking with The Morning Show, Gudinski laid out when we might see international acts return to Australia and how local live music venues might start operating again.

“There's no comparison... the music business has been shattered,” Gudinski said.

“From what I believe, unless there's a miracle vaccine, you won't see an international act in this country until February, March next year.”

The Mushroom Group Executive Chairman also said that “Australian artists will get a chance to shine” and when it comes to beloved Aussie venues hosting local acts again, it’ll be a slow process.

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“I think what will happen... is some of our great venues, whether it be The Metro in Sydney, the Corner Hotel in Melbourne... I think you'll find that if a venue holds 1,000 people, they'll start off letting in maybe 300.”

Last month, Gudinski put together Anzac Day TV concert Music From The Home Front, an event he told The Music was “one of the most special things that I’ve worked on in my life”, before launching new weekly isolation music series The State Of Music.

Watch the full interview below.