M.I.A. Won't Work With "Fame Whore" Producers

9 August 2012 | 4:22 pm | Dan Condon

One of a few details she has revealed about her forthcoming record.

More M.I.A. More M.I.A.

Details of the new record from M.I.A. surfaced late yesterday, as the singer participated in a little back-and-forth with her fans on twitter which answered a number of questions about what she has planned for before the end of the year.

Matrangi should be released in December, according to M.I.A. and will feature no collaborations or producers who “act like fame whore colonizer.” As far as the genre direction she is taking on this new release, she says that it sounds like “Paul Simon on acid”.

As well as the release of Matangi, which will be her fourth album, M.I.A. announced she would also be releasing an autobiographical book and a documentary as well as putting on an art exhibition.