Why Metal Pioneers Nasum Decided To Tour Aus Following Frontman's Death

11 August 2012 | 4:09 pm | Celline Narinli

Grindcore masters Nasum lost their frontman in the Boxing Day tsunami.

After losing frontman Mieszko Talarczyk, to the Boxing Day tsunami disaster in 2004, Swedish metal veterans Nasum called it a day. But Jesper Liveröd has explained to theMusic.com.au that the reason behind their temporary reformation was purely in memory of Talarczyk and nothing more.

“For a long time I don't think any of us could really fathom playing together as Nasum without Mieszko,” he said. “But at the same time there was something unspoken there among all of us that we'd like to do something to say goodbye properly as a band, because we never got the chance to do that.

“Then in late 2011, Anders [Jackobson – guitar] came up to Stockholm with the rest of us and we all got together, had some food and some beers, and talked about everything. The decision was made to put something together that could be a dignified end to Nasum. Once that decision was made, it's amazing how quickly everything came together.”

Despite the tour, Liveröd has ruled out the chance of a future Nasum release.

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“There is no chance that we will record a new album,” he admited. “It's important to all of us that we stay true to the reasons we decided to do these shows in the first place. That is to give Nasum as a band a dignified and fun end, and to give fans that may not have had the chance to see us live – like you guys down in Australia – the opportunity to do so.

“If we did anything more than that it would just feel wrong somehow. We want to stay away from any hint of capitalising or profiting on Mieszko's death - we would never do that.”