Melbourne Duo The Stiffys Tour Their EP Through Sep

17 August 2015 | 1:08 pm | Staff Writer

The Stiffys about to get up new EP, but flash new single first and extend themselves on tour

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Bass guitarist Jason Leigh and drummer Adam Stagg, aka Melbourne's dynamic duo The Stiffys, are back with yet another single, King Of The Internet, lifted off their forthcoming EP, Art Rock One, due 10 Sep.

And with an EP release it means it's time to hit the road again. Self-proclaimed art rock pioneers, The Stiffys reckon King Of The Internet is their heaviest song yet. The Stiffys were, of course, the unknown band that decided one night to get drunk and record their version of Red Foo's Literally, which went totally viral and won them a cult following.

The Stiffys will be hammering four states and the ACT this time around, kicking off in Brisbane so for details, head right on over to theGuide.


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