Melbourne Breaks Record With 10,000 People Playing 10,000 Kazoos

12 June 2023 | 11:22 am | Emma Whines

"I'll let you imagine the sound..."

Kazoo Orchestra in Federation Square

Kazoo Orchestra in Federation Square (Sourced: Facebook)

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Something strange happened in the centre of Melbourne this past weekend, with 10,000 people joining together to break a world record of playing 10,000 kazoos at once. 

The bizarre event was apart of Melbourne's Rising Festival and invited all people of all ages and backgrounds to come down and participate in the silly record-breaking fun. 

On the festival's website, Ciaran Frame, organiser of the event, noted that "the kazoo is arguably the world’s easiest instrument, which is kind of the point. There’s no practice, special skill, particularly tuneful ear or musical ability required. Just grab a biodegradable kazoo (we’ll provide them). Stick one in your mouth and send some do-do-dos down the tube alongside 9,999 kazooists, all at once, in ramshackle unison."

So from 4-5pm in Federation Square, 10,000 people joined together to create a wall of Kazoo-sound. Comedian Sammy J hosted the event while emojis appeared on the big screen, indicating when the kazoo choir was supposed to play.

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Many Melbournites enjoyed the event, posting to social media to celebrate their new achievement. 

According to Guardian reviewer Giselle Au-Nhien Nguyen, the Kazoo orchestra played everything from "Céline Dion’s seminal 1997 hit My Heart Will Go On", to "Rick Astley", to "Pachelbel’s Canon", and finally "Billie Eilish". On top of the wonderful gig, punters noticed that a colourful rainbow had appeared above them just as their 60 minutes of Kazoo-fame had finished up. 

Rising Festival will continue to host an array of different events relating to music, art, food and culture until June 18th. You can find more info here