Melb Live Music Venue At Risk Of Closing: ‘We Need Your Support’

30 May 2019 | 3:47 pm | Staff Writer

“It’s an honest battle to get people through the door no matter how much we try.”

Melbourne live music venue Last Chance Rock & Roll Bar is at risk of closing its doors.

The intimate “DIY-vibe” venue in North Melbourne hosts multiple gigs a week, and is now seeking help from the public during “tough times”.

“Unfortunately, over the last 12 months, attendance at a lot of live music venues has dropped like the beat at some of our more DJ-friendly competition,” a statement from the venue reads.

“It’s an honest battle to get people through the door no matter how much we try.”

Last Chance is urging punters to attend gigs – both paid and free – bring friends, go there for a meal and promote the venue via social media.

“Ultimately, we want this place to still be here in 10 years, still having awesome local bands, still supporting the local live music community, still being what this place is meant to be. And we want to be the ones here welcoming you through the doors.

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“We love local live music, we love our venue and we would do anything for both. The one thing we don’t want to do however is ruin the rest of our lives just running a venue.

“Our entire life is invested within the walls of this little dive bar. So please, if you can, come along and support us or any other small live music venue. Because ultimately, once they’re gone they won’t be coming back.”

The plea follows a crowd-funding campaign the venue hosted in 2017.

Check out theGuide for details on upcoming gigs at Last Chance Rock & Roll Bar.

Hello people, Shane & Leanne from the Last Chance. As some of you may know, a lot of small live music venues in...

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