'I Was Frustrated To Only Be Seen As Sporty Spice': Melanie C Joins 'The Green Room' Podcast

20 March 2020 | 10:55 am | Neil Griffiths

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Sometimes when successful bands break up, members can experience a loss of identity, but for Melanie C it was just the opposite. 

The pop icon has revealed that when the Spice Girls went on an indefinite hiatus in 2000, she was determined to show the world she was more than 'Sporty Spice'. 

"When I went off and did my first solo record I felt quite rebellious," Mel C told Neil Griffiths while appearing on the latest episode of The Green Room podcast.

"I was frustrated to only be seen as 'Sporty Spice' because I knew there was more to me then that."

The UK singer was in Australia just last week to promote new music from her forthcoming album, expected to be released later this year, which is to be some of her most personal songs to date; check out new single, Who I Am below.

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"It was a very youthful thing to do and I tried to distance myself from [Spice Girls]," Mel C continued.

"This record is very much about that whole thing.

"I've now come to a place in my life where I am embracing every aspect of myself. I'm very proud to be Sporty Spice or Melanie C, Mel C, a mum, a girlfriend. All of these things."

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