Mark Ronson: "Nothing Can Ever Be As Big As 'Uptown Funk'"... Except Maybe 'Old Town Road'

16 July 2019 | 11:21 am | Neil Griffiths

"I want to win still, for sure."

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Mark Ronson admits he put a lot of pressure on himself to follow up global hit Uptown Funk but the multiple Grammy Award-winning producer says he is now content knowing nothing will ever match the 2014 collab with Bruno Mars. 

Appearing on the latest episode of The Green Room with Neil Griffiths podcast, Ronson discussed the aftermath of releasing one of the biggest singles in recent memory (the video alone has racked up nearly four billion hits on YouTube alone) and his desire to keep producing hit songs.

"I want to win still, for sure," Ronson told Green Room host Neil Griffiths.

"I know nothing can ever be as big as Uptown Funk, I mean, until Old Town Road came out.

"When we were making Uptown Funk we had no idea it was really gonna be big and we were making something that just felt good in the room. That's all you can really ever do."

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Ronson said he attempted to produce another hit as big as Uptown Funk ("I chased it a little bit") but is no longer interested in the chase.

"There was a song for the Ghostbusters soundtrack... they seem like nice people, this movie is gonna be cool, they want something that feels like Uptown Funk, let me see if I can knock it out," he said.

"But that's ridiculous because Uptown Funk is Bruno Mars, [US producer] Jeff Bhasker, myself... it was like a moment that came and I could never recreate that, certainly not by myself.

"The idea of just doing what feels very natural and honest in the room at that exact time is the thing that interests me."

As for where his confidence levels are at now, Ronson believes his latest album, Late Night Feelings, is "the best record I've made".

"So there's a confidence around that. Yeah, it might not sell what Uptown Funk did or whatever but I can sleep at night. And I can sit in a room with any of my peers and play one of these songs because I know there's something honest and worthy in it," he said.

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