'Britpop Killed Experimental Music,' Say Shoegaze Pioneers Ride

1 August 2012 | 7:44 am | Sally Anne Hurley

Ride's vocalist pinpoints when music became uninteresting

Ride Frontman Mark Gardener believes Britpop music was the downfall of experimental music in the early '90s.

Speak on Ride's sminal years he said, "At the time [music] was a lot more edgy than what came after it with the whole flag-waving Britpop thing, which was the death of a lot of experimental and interesting things.”

In the interview with Sydney's The Drum Media, he said, “Music became uninteresting after that.”

Despite his opinion on previous decades, Gardener believes Ride's music is still relevant in the current one.

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“When I listen back to our stuff, or hear a Ride song on the radio when I don't expect to, there is a real freshness and edge to it that I think still really stands out amongst all the middle of the road stuff on the radio these days.”

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