Malo Zima Take Us Through Their Debut EP 'Cornerstone' Ahead Of Launch Show

6 November 2015 | 10:53 am | Staff Writer

The Brissy-bred atmospheric alt-rock outfit recorded the work over the past 12 months

Nascent Brisbane-bred atmospheric alt-rock outfit Malo Zima launch their debut EP, Cornerstone, at the Black Bear Lodge tonight, 6 November, but before they take to the stage to properly christen and launch the release, the band has kindly penned a track-by-track rundown of the tale behind the songs exclusively for The Music.

The members of Malo Zima came together organically as cohabitants in an "artistically inclined" share house, soon making the transition from bedroom jams to fully fledged five-piece and going on to spend the better part of the next 12 months in studios, houses and an abandoned post office chipping away at crafting their debut with assistance from ascendant engineer Tristan Hoogland (Cub Sport, Oh Ye Denver Birds, Denmark). The ultimate result is Cornerstone, five tracks of aurally lush ethereal rock already turning heads among critics and punters alike, including the boffins at triple j and Channel V, both of which gave the band's debut single, Til It's Gone, nods among their respective best songs of the week list upon its release.

Here's what the band have to say about the EP; have a listen at the same time below.


Falling was written spontaneously during one of our earlier rehearsals as a band. I think we all really enjoy the light-heartedness of the track compared to the majority of our tunes – it’s got a nice floating quality to it.

'Til it’s Gone

’Til It’s Gone is the most recent track on the EP. We had a lot of fun recording this one, experimenting with many different layers and soundscapes. Whilst all the other tracks were recorded in a traditional studio, this one was recorded in an old post office after the studio we were recording at was hit by a hailstorm. Rhythmically, it’s probably our busiest track yet.

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Slow Down

We wrote Slow Down in the studio whilst in the middle of recording the EP. It’s our first real collaborative effort as a band, and it came together quite quickly. The song features a fairly driving rhythm section and spacey guitar chords. The effect you hear at the beginning is courtesy of Declan and his ever-expanding pedal board. 

White Blankets

The song that started it all. The very first arrangement of this track was a slow waltz featuring banjo and plucked violin strings; it’s always interesting to watch songs evolve. The lyrics were inspired by a dream I had. If you listen closely you can hear e-bowed acoustic guitar in the verses, as well as reverse guitar layers floating over the bridge. 

Almost Never

The second-oldest song on the EP, after White Blankets. This one is always a lot of fun to play live, especially when the bridge kicks off. I wrote the lyrics during the aftermath of an on-and-off relationship. This one’s still evolving, even after having recorded it. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for a soon-to-be-released acoustic version.

If you're in Brisbane tonight and keen on the sounds that Malo Zima are making, head to the Black Bear Lodge's website to suss tickets for the launch show, then head to the band's Facebook page to throw them a thumbs up and make yourself a fan.