Local Music Scene In Radio Peril After AMRAP Funding Cut

11 May 2012 | 3:48 pm | Daniel Crichton Rouse

Government's lack of support for AMRAP puts local scene at risk.

The Australian Music Radio Airplay Project (AMRAP), an organisation that distributes Australian music to community radio stations across the country, has been dealt a major blow following  the Government's failure to renew its funding. Their current funding expires in June.

“It's incredibly disappointing to see such a valuable project that gets Australian music to radio stations all over the country cast aside at this point and we are determined to work with Government to find a way to keep the project going”, said Catherine Haridy, Chair of AMRAP with the Community Broadcasting Foundation (and also Chair of the Australian Artist Managers Association and manager of Australian artists Eskimo Joe and Jebediah).

AMRAP's manager, Chris Johnson, was equally disappointed.

“Lack of government support for AMRAP will reduce Australian radio listeners' access to new Australian music and community radio's ability to support Australian music both on air and online.

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“AMRAP runs on a shoestring and while Senator Conroy seems to be able to find millions to support commercial television and the national broadcasters apparently community broadcasting and its support to Australian musicians can be left out of the equation altogether.”

According to AMRAP, over 1,000 unsigned artists from 100 record labels got airplay through 1,500 broadcasters across 300 community radio stations in 2011 thanks to the project.

The news comes after APRA's congratulating of Federal Arts Mnister Simon Crean's allocation of $3 million to contemporary music over the next four years.