Live Winners: Carlton Dry Independent Music Awards

8 October 2014 | 8:04 pm | Staff Writer

All the action as it happens

The Carlton Dry Independent Music Awards have kicked off in Melbourne, and the winners are starting to be announced.

Stay tuned to this page for the winners as they're announced, with Artist, Album and Single of the Year to be revealed. The Carlton Dry $50,000 Global Music Grant is also highly anticipated.

The awards have begun, with Gurrumul taking out Best Classical Album.

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 Paul Grab is on a roll, scoring Best Jazz Album.

Halfway take out Best Country Album.

Blackbird does the trick for stalwart troubadour Dan Sultan.

Remi's Raw x Infinity nets him Best Hip-Hop album.

Violent Soho surprise nobody.

Peking Duk's High takes them all the way to being freshly minted award-winners.

They can say otherwise all they want; the double umlauts in "RÜFÜS" mean it is pronounced "Roo-foos" and you should all start pronouncing it like that, because it's really starting to bother us.

Good thing they make good dance music, though.

HEY etc. Sheppard ending their big year on a strong note.

Courtney Barnett nabs a highly prestigious title.

The ol' one-two shuffle from Courtney Barnett.

Wait, is the ol' one-two shuffle the thing in boxing where they follow up landing a strong punch with another strong punch? Doesn't matter.

Second prize of the night for Mansfield's own Violent Soho (feat. bonus adorable label reaction).

A new boss for the Australian Independent Record Labels Association.

Still screaming there, Johann?

Drinks are on Remi!

That's all, folks! Head over to our detailed rundown of the awards for a more in-depth look at the proceedings.