Exclusive: Lisa Mitchell Expecting In August

16 April 2012 | 4:10 pm | Anthony Carew

Lisa Mitchell reveals she feels "pregnant" with her as-yet-unnamed second album.

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Lisa Mitchell is almost finished her second album, she has revealed to theMusic.com.au, which will be the follow-up to her debut and Australian Music Prize winning Wonder.

She recently unveiled her new single, Spiritus, which will be released as an EP Friday 4 May. The album itself is due later in 2012.

Speaking to Anthony Carew while en route from Sydney to Golbourn to shoot Spiritus' video recently, Mitchell revealed, “We're basically done. We're just mixing and tweaking it at the moment. We're hoping to have it out in August, September.”

The as-yet-untitled album was recorded at The Stables, a studio built on a property in Gisborne South, an hour outside of Melbourne, by Evermore's Hume brothers. The album was crafted in collaboration with Dann Hume, who worked on 2009's Wonder. The record would go on to be critcally acclaimed and got rid of anyAustralian Idoldogma.

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Mitchell admitted that there was a weight of expectation given her earleir success initially.

“When I was writing, I felt so pressured, quite trapped,” she said. But with the album virtually done she said, “I feel like I've got this secret that I want to tell everyone; I've got this really expectant feeling, like I'm pregnant. I can't wait to tell the world all about it.”

Of the direction she said, “There's a lot more songs on the record with more of a driving, fuller band sound,” Mitchell said. “I find when I'm writing on piano it feels a lot more cathartic, heavier. The physical action of hammering a piano is, for me, much more forceful, more passionate.”

Listen to Spiritus below: