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Liquid Death Advertise New Iced Tea With Punk Rock Grandmothers

3 March 2023 | 11:24 am | Staff Writer
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Choose your flavour: Grim Leafer, Rest In Peach or Armless Palmer.

(Source: YouTube)

American canned water brand Liquid Death has found a masterful way to market your business’ product, and in this circumstance, it’s iced tea. Better yet, your grandmother’s favourite iced tea.

Selling flavours entitled Grim Leafer, Rest In Peach and Armless Palmer, these new beverages are also heavy metal music fan’s kind of teas, right? That’s where the advertisement comes in.

Dressed in drag, the video advertisement for Liquid Death’s new brands of tea finds a band of grandmothers jamming to heavy metal music, complete with a ripping guitar solo. It’s likely that we’re dealing with real-life metal musicians somewhere in the video below.

Liquid Death’s manifesto is as follows: “We’re just a funny beverage company who hates corporate marketing as much as you do. Our evil mission is to make people laugh and get more of them to drink more water more often, all while helping to kill plastic pollution.”

And these “psychotic” new tea flavours “are dead set on using natural agave and B vitamins to savagely murder your thirst and turn its insides into balloon animals to book gigs at children’s birthday parties.”

Liquid Death iced tea contains 30 calories, just six grams of sugar from agave, 30mg of natural caffeine, vitamin B and recyclable aluminium cans featuring limited edition artwork.

“We grew up on Monty Python and Jackass, so it’s no surprise we made an homage to some of our heroes,” Liquid Death’s VP of creative Andy Pearson said to advertise news website Muse

“Our audience is anyone who appreciates humour and entertainment,” Pearson added about the jokes behind the debaucherous trailer. “The iced tea category is massive, but it's also been incredibly dull for a long time. Just like with water, we see this as our chance to get in and shake things up–from a marketing standpoint, a health standpoint and an environmental standpoint.”

Check out Liquid Death’s iced tea advertisement below and order your cans here.