Limp Bizkit To Make A New Album Next Year

5 April 2023 | 11:00 am | Mary Varvaris
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"We want to get recording – we're talking about a travel destination to make an album together next year."

(Pic by Kevin Mazur)

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Limp Bizkit are heading into the studio to record a new album due for tentative release in 2024. Their first release since 2021’s Still Sucks; it’s a far shorter wait than the time between 2011’s Gold Cobra and their most recent album.

The Rollin’ rockers recently unveiled a hectic video for the Still Sucks single, Out Of Style, where band members transformed into world leaders, such as Joe Biden, Vladimir Putin, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Xi Jinping and Kim Jong-un, using deep-fake technology. 

But they won’t be deepfaking their new music - guitarist Wes Borland said in a new Guitar World interview that Limp Bizkit are looking at writing new music while on tour. The band are currently touring through Europe and the UK.

“Yeah, we're talking about writing during all the soundchecks this year because we're doing so much touring. We want to get recording – we're talking about a travel destination to make an album together next year. We're looking at places, so new music… yessir!,” Borland told Guitar World.

He continued, "This thing has been going for so long. I thought it would last for a few years and I'd end up in art school saying 'I was in a band once!' But 27 years later, we're still going, which is wild. 

"I've been in Limp Bizkit for more than half my life. We get along better than ever now. No one is taking anything for granted. We're all just happy to be here and having a lot of fun."

Limp Bizkit are busy dudes. When Fred Durst was directing music videos, drummer John Otto was participating in a reality dance series

The PRP noted: "John Otto, drummer of the notorious multi-platinum nü-metal band Limp Bizkit, has taken to participating in a reality dance competition. If you’ve not been keeping up with him since his absence from the road last year, you may be surprised to see him and his daughter Ava among the contestants on the new CBS series Come Dance With Me."

The series is led by children trained in dance teaming up with their inexperienced parents. "The contestants are then tasked with performing their elaborate dance routines in front of a panel of celebrity judges with the grand prize winner walking away with $100,000." 

Will the Dad Vibes continue on the upcoming Limp Bizkit album?