‘I Was A Mess’: Lagwagon's Joey Cape Met James Hetfield & It Didn't Go Too Well

17 February 2020 | 2:42 pm | Dan Cribb

"I had nothing to say, I couldn’t think of anything."

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They say never meet you heroes, something that Lagwagon frontman Joey Cape is a firm believer of following a few less-than-desirable outcomes throughout his career.

Joining That Sucks! podcast ahead of the band’s Australian tour, Cape shared a few anecdotes (aka cautionary tales) from his travels, including the time he met James Hetfield when Lagwagon opened for Metallica in Germany.

“They had a backstage area that was more like a park, but it was fenced in with security around it and they just let all the bands share,” Cape explained.

“I really liked Metallica a lot, especially when I was younger, and I got a chance to meet [James Hetfield]. We had flown out for this one show and I had really bad jetlag... most of the time I’m fine, but this one time I was just a mess.

“I was sitting on one of these park benches that they put out and he just walks right up to me and goes, ‘What’s going on, man?’ I remember I was just holding my coffee, trying to wake up and I just went blank – I had nothing to say, I couldn’t think of anything.

“What seemed like a minute went by and he just kind of shrugged and went, ‘Alright,’ and walked off. And that was it.”

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To hear more stories from Cape about Glenn Danzig, Iggy Pop and more, stream the full That Sucks! episode on Spotify (below), Apple Podcasts or SoundCloud.

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