Labels sever ties with Whirr following offensive comments

22 October 2015 | 12:31 am | Alex Sievers
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Whirr have found themselves in a massive shitstorm lately with both their fans their peers regarding some rather offensive tweets overnight.

Whirr have found themselves in a massive shitstorm lately, with both their fans and their peers, regarding some rather offensive tweets earlier in the week.

No doubt you’ve seen the controversy of the day pop un in your news feeds. Basically, shoegaze band, Whirr made some homophobic and transphobic comments towards up and coming punk band G.L.O.S.S. (check them out here), which have since been deleted. One tweet read as "g.l.o.s.s. Is just a bunch of boys running around in panties making shitty music", where another stated that "lol attempting suicide. If you’re gonna do it, do it right the first time".

They've since issued an apology, blamed it all on a "friend" of theirs, and have since had their connections with Run For Cover Records severed. So, things haven’t gotten any better for the shoegaze outfit. You can find their apology (posted to Twitter) below.


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Run For Cover Records started off by issuing a series of Tweets about the band's comments.

"G.L.O.S.S. is awesome and crucially important and we need more bands like them."

"We will not be working with Whirr from this point on and do not support that behavior in anyway. We will post a full statement tomorrow."

"We as individuals and as a label are accepting of all people and require the same from the bands and people we work with..."

Then more recently, the label released this statement through Pitchfork about the incident, fully stating their stance:

"Frankly, no, it doesn’t change anything. We were aware of the information in Whirr’s statement when we made the decision. Although the band is not signed to our label, and never have been, we have decided to not work with them in the future, and stop selling their releases we did have a hand in. Also, despite being at a financial net loss with Whirr and Camera Shy, we will be donating $3,000 to a TBA non profit in support of equal rights for LGBTQ. We will be posting what organizations later today, we just didn’t want to jump the gun on that decision."

However, RFC isn't the only label associated with releasing the band's work. Fellow US company, Graveface Records have also decided to stop working with the band following this controversy.

"Graveface supports positive action and equality. We have zero interest in working with hateful people."

The label also shared a link for followers to donate to the National Center Of Transgender Equality.

Whirr are preparing to release a new full-length album later this year, and will most likely be released independently by the looks of things. Their last record was 2014's 'Sway'.