Kids Open Circle Pit Outside Game Stop During 'The Legend Of Zelda' Launch Event

15 May 2023 | 12:07 pm | Mary Varvaris
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Have you ever seen a group of tiny children open up a circle pit to celebrate Zelda?

Kids' circle pit at Game Stop

Kids' circle pit at Game Stop (Source: YouTube)

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People get excited about video games. We hear about people camping out in front of stores, pre-ordering from months out, making playthroughs for YouTube and creating their own versions of iconic theme tunes. But have you ever seen a group of small children open up a circle pit during a Legend Of Zelda launch event?

That’s exactly what happened last week in a Texas car park. 

The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom had its midnight launch last Thursday, and Texan death metallers Severance played in front of a Game Stop store in Texas to honour the launch.

In video footage captured by parents and curious onlookers, a bunch of tiny kids (safely) opened up a circle pit in front of Game Stop as a death metal band performed. The kids are alright.

Over on the Deathcore subreddit, these kids have become very popular, with users posting, “I’m over here listening to Cannabal Corpse and playing RuneScape thinking I’m having a great time, but these kids are living life”, “This is so much better than I could have ever imagined,” and “Zelda and metal, my two favorite [sic] things. Beautiful.” Check out the videos below.

A few months ago, the O'Keefe Music Foundation, an American non-profit organisation providing outstanding music education to any child globally for free, shared a new music video of young kids performing Slipknot’s The Heretic Anthem.

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Featuring the magnetic 10-year-old vocalist Zoë Franziska; lead guitarist Xander Markewich, aged 12; 17-year-old rhythm guitarist Conner Meintel, fellow 17-year-old drummer Evan Harris; and bassist Calli Dressen, as well as Phil Aselage (aged seven), and Parker Stone (aged eight), slamming beer kegs with baseball bats, the band grows with Brady Vandercook (aged 10) smashing the OMF Garbage Can of Doom, 11-year-old Brianna Montante on Chainsaw & Chimes and 11-year-old Isabella Owens on the OMF Wheelbarrow of Wonder. You’ve never heard Slipknot like this before.

And you’ve never seen a cuter MC than 4-year-old Laura McCarty.

The results are stunning - Harris plays melodically, but of course, when it's Slipknot, he plays heavy as hell. Markewich, of the band Alaska, wrote his own guitar solo for this version. Of course, Franziska steals the show with her ferocious vocals, showing that even kids as young as ten can front metal bands. You can check out that cover here.