Kerser Says Fans Welcome To Steal His Music

10 November 2015 | 5:23 pm | Neil Griffiths

Aussie rapper keeps it real.



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He's set to drop his fifth studio album Next Step this Friday and as far as Aussie hip hop artist Kerser is concerned, he doesn't mind whether his fans purchase the record or steal it. 

The Campbelltown-born rapper's albums have been sold over the counter only in some stores around the country in recent times and speaking in an exclusive interview with theMusic, Kerser, real name Scott Barrow, says he doesn't condone the theft, but he can relate to it. 

"I don't condone it, but I've been in the position where I really wanted something and couldn't get it," he explains.

"I don’t advise kids to steal, but I can’t contradict myself because when I was that age, I was stealing CDs from shops. I'm not going to contradict myself, I'm just keeping it 100% real. If they can’t afford it, rack it."

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still the most stolen cds in australia are kers cds !! ... jb hi fi stores still keepin em behind counter lmao ...

A photo posted by THE KERSER (@kerserofficial) on

Kerser narrows it down to his loyal fans who he calls the most supportive of any artist in Australia. 

"I'm not just saying that, everything that I've done is supported," Kerser says. 

"...They buy anything I put out, my merchandise goes crazy. They really jump on and support what I choose to do and they just stay loyal to everything I do. They’re not hip hop fans, they're Kerser fans."

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Next Step will be released via Warner Music this Friday — check out our review here