Keep Sydney Open Director Launches Petition For Savage Garden To Play Meredith Fest

16 February 2017 | 11:33 am | Staff Writer

You've got our vote.

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The campaign manager for Keep Sydney Open has led the charge to rid the city of lockout laws for over two years now, but recently Tyson Koh has adopted a new cause – bring back Savage Garden.

That's right, Koh has this month launched a petition, calling on Meredith Music Festival director, Woody McDonald, to recruit the iconic Aussie duo for this year's event.

It would be no easy feat to get Darren Hayes and Daniel Jones back on stage however, given that they haven't toured together since 2000.

After reiterating back in 2007 that they would only ever reunite "if it cured cancer" Hayes was much more sensitive about reunion talks during an interview with The Courier Mail in 2015, saying, "The thing that Daniel and I completely agree on is having respect for the fans and the legacy of the band.

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"We never had to go back to playing smaller venues; we stopped at the peak of popularity of the band. The suggestion of reforming, going back, we always steered away from that. We never wanted to tarnish what was a perfect run."

If you want to stand with somebody on a mountain, or maybe bathe with them in the sea, then maybe this petition is just for you.

The Music has reached out to Koh and Meredith for comment.