Julia Michaels Joins Dean Lewis 'In A Perfect World'

30 June 2023 | 10:17 am | Mary Varvaris

Dean Lewis’s new song was co-written and recorded with Julia Michaels in 24 hours during a Los Angeles writing session.

Dean Lewis & Julia Michaels

Dean Lewis & Julia Michaels (Credit: Isaac Anthony)

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Dean Lewis is back with In A Perfect World featuring Grammy Award-nominated singer and songwriter Julia Michaels, the first song of a new era signalling his upcoming third album.

In A Perfect World explores self-sabotage – "that feeling that something is so good that it can’t be right or real, and will disappear soon, so I’ll end it before it begins". On In A Perfect World, Lewis and Michaels urge listeners to fall in love instead and dispel the fear of getting hurt.

Lewis’s new song was co-written and recorded with Michaels in 24 hours during a Los Angeles writing session. Lewis aimed to take the track to new heights by co-producing alongside producer/songwriter Nolan Sipe (OneRepublic, Calum Scott, Benson Boone).

On working with Julia Michaels, Lewis said in a statement, “When I found out Julia Michaels, and I would be going into the studio, I was so excited!

“Julia is widely known as one of the best songwriters in the world, and let me tell you, she certainly lived up to that. Once we were in the studio, I played her my idea - a verse and a chorus. Julia’s reaction was, ‘I love the verse, but I hate the chorus.’

“We talked a lot, and I explained my situation and what I was going through - I recently had just gotten out of something, and Julia said, ‘Well, what if, in a perfect world, you stayed?’ What flowed from there was just mind-blowing; I’ve never seen anyone who can write like that; every idea she had was amazing. The chorus she came up with was insanely good, so of course, this is what we have used, and it just worked so well!”

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You can check out the powerful duet below.

Combined, Michaels and Lewis have accumulated 35 million followers on Spotify and eight million followers on their social media platforms.

Lewis’ last single How Do I Say Goodbye, soared up international charts - certified gold in Norway and Switzerland - and gained 81 million streams worldwide, peaking at #68 on the Spotify Global Chart, #13 on Spotify US Viral Chart, and Top 20 on Shazam as of November 2022.