STUDIO DIARY: Behind The Scenes Of Johnny Hunter's Debut EP 'Early Trauma'

14 August 2020 | 1:42 pm | Johnny Hunter

Local rockers Johnny Hunter today drop their debut EP, ‘Early Trauma’, and to celebrate its release, the Sydney act have shared a glimpse into its creation with us through a series of studio shots.

I believe this photo is one of Xander trying to decide the lead part for Try As You May. Originally there were a few different riffs that were played, and some were in different octaves, others had different timing. Maybe there were seven different ones in total.

Couch dweller Gezza always trying to come up with something new or always listening for a minor mistake that we mostly always miss. Every time we doubt him it takes a few heated words to get his point across but my god most of that advice is pearler.

Very rarely serious. Me writing some kind of change up to the lyrics on one of the songs. Innocence Interrupted

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More advice from Gezza, a timing issue or perhaps a buzz in the take. Maybe some chord advice.

Gezza trying to get his point across...

Drum transportation.

Cerone hitting every note in one or two takes like he always does. We just have to keep him on a short leash, so he doesn’t jazz it up or do anything too pretty.

Cerone writing the structure down for us to understand his cherished song Beautiful Dreamer. A standout from the EP, a slow-burning closeout which pulls your heartstrings. Drawing influences from Nick Cave, The Cure and Echo & The Bunnymen. He’s real proud of this one and so are we.

A regular beer/smoke break by usual suspects. An essential on long nights like these. Case of Resches is Gezza’s pick of poison

Me chuffed listening to some sort of take, what I can only guess is the main riff to Try As You May.