Joe McKee Talks Snowman Break-Up

8 August 2012 | 12:05 pm | Sally Anne Hurley

Solo artist glad they "didn't flog a dead horse".

Former Snowman member turned solo artist Joe McKee has given his thoughts on the 2010 break-up of the much-loved band.

In a recent interview while promoting his debut album Burning Boy, McKee admitted he wasn't sure what the verdict was on the band's demise.

“I haven't got an overwhelming sense of whether people are happy or unhappy about it,” he confessed, but said the break-up was for the best.

“People are always curious as to why it ended when it did and what the reason was. For me it's a really positive thing, it was a difficult period at the time and I'm glad we left this minor legacy intact and didn't flog a dead horse and that's something to really be proud of."

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Still, going solo has thrown McKee many challenges, something he is gradually getting used to.

"It's made me learn how to sing and rather than relying on a band wall of sound to get people's attention it's now also about seducing people with silence rather than with a barrage of noise.“