Have Jet Still Got It? Their Sydney Reunion Show Suggests They Do...

31 May 2018 | 10:39 am | Brendan Delavere

"15 years on Jet haven't lost any fire."

More Jet More Jet

After warming up in Newcastle on Tuesday night, Jet have made their way to Sydney for their Get Re-born tour. As well as being a celebration of the 15th anniversary of their critically-acclaimed debut album, Get Born, the group also brought along The Vines for a special Sydney-only support slot. Check out the full review below.

Opening the night to an already half capacity Metro Theatre, A Swayze & The Ghosts rocked it out with their fresh take on early 2000s Australian indie-rock, much in the vein of the night's headliners, as well as taking cues from bands like Wolf & Cub and The Scare. Crass, jangly guitars, hard-hitting drum fills and a vocalist who took his tambourine into the crowd. These guys are ones to watch for in the future.

Taking the stage together for the first time since 2004, The Vines (in their original line-up) ripped into fast-paced foot stomper Outtathaway, the crowd screaming the words back in the face of frontman Craig Nicholls. With little banter but to say, "Thank you, Sydney Vicious," the four-piece kicked it with Highly Evolved and 1969, many in the front rows hanging on every word, Nicholls high kicking at every opportunity, almost losing his footing on more than one occasion. Calls from punters for their more well-known tracks came with an affirmative, "We'll get to those," as the band slowed things down a touch for their rocking cover of OutKast's Ms Jackson. Closing out the way-too-short set with their biggest hit and absolute crowd killer Get Free - main man Nicholls rolling about the floor, beating his guitar with no regards - the packed room moshed for the full two minutes, twenty seconds.

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After a long intermission that heavily featured a group of youths singing Backstreet Boys songs, Melbourne rockers Jet graced the stage for the second show of their Get Re-born tour and opened with Last Chance. It was a quick warm-up before they launched into arguably the biggest track in their catalogue, Are You Gonna Be My Girl. Phones and fists punched the air as the mosh pit heaved for the monster single. As stated by frontman Nic Cester, the band are touring for the 15th anniversary of debut album Get Born, and as such would be playing it in its entirety. They pushed straight into the next big hit, Rollover DJ, which kept the mosh going. Cester then took a second to inform the crowd the reason he still looks "so damn good" is because he "never took up drugs". As the words came flooding back to punters, the slow drive ballad of Look What You've Done rang hauntingly across the Metro, voices lifted high to join that of Cester.

The band were in fine form. Nic and brother Chris Cester shot smiles across the kit at each other, the frontman rubbing shoulders with bassist Mark Wilson while guitarist Cameron Muncey held down some meaty rock'n'roll chops. The next monster singalong came in the form of Cold Hard Bitch, as once more phones Snapchatted away above heads. Closing out Get Born with slow burn tracks Lazy Gun and Timothy, the band hit another gear with She's A Genius and Skin & Bones and Nic Cester's rock'n'roll banshee scream tore through the room.

They rounded out the massive 23-song set with the raucous Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is, scattered moshes bouncing around the floor. Returning alone with an acoustic guitar for the first of the two song encore, Nic Cester led the audience in power ballad Shine On, stopping to share his bewilderment at the mosh happening during the folk ditty.

Rip It Up was a smashing close to a heaving night, proving that 15 years on Jet haven't lost any fire.