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It's Official: The Stone Roses Frontman Confirms New Music Is On The Way

29 March 2016 | 11:18 am | Staff Writer

And apparently, it's sounding "glorious".

Fans of legendary UK outfit The Stone Roses went bonkers last week with talk that a long-awaited third album is on the way after two punters posted a photo online standing next to what looked the band's gear and it seems those theories have proven to be true after frontman Ian Brown confirmed that the rock act are indeed recording new music. 

Speaking to NME outside of The Church Studios in north London, the singer kept his answers short and simple, but said the new music sounds "glorious".

Brown revealed that the new music will be released soon, though he could not disclose how many tracks the band have recorded. 

If The Stone Roses really are to release a new album, it will be their first offering since 1994's Second Coming.

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