Our Favourite Moments From ISOL-AID Round Two

30 March 2020 | 7:42 pm | Staff Writer


Instagram Live music festival ISOL-AID keeps going from strength to strength, this past weekend assembling an all-star line-up for its second run through to great success.

Donations increased by over $24k over the weekend, with Middle Kids, Alex Lahey, Camp Cope, Montaigne, Marlon Williams, Alex The Astronaut, Josh Pyke, Sarah Blasko, Alice Ivy, Ali Barter, Hatchie, Kingswood, Gretta Ray and stacks more performing on the “socially (media) distanced music festival” across Saturday and Sunday.

Headliner Courtney Barnett pulled 4.1k viewers during her set, so it’s not surprising that organisers have confirmed ISOL-AID will take place again this weekend.

Here are some of our favourite moments from an epic round two.

Grinspoon frontman Phil Jamieson put on a performance that was Just Ace.

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You can’t find a more isolated venue than a boat, and WA rockers Boat Show, being the legends they are, did their set LIVE ON A BOAT.

The MVP of Alex Lahey’s video was the adorable feline affectionately known as “grumpy cat”.

Montaigne outside was hysterical as her neighbour was doing VERY LOUD yard work. She also teased a forthcoming performance of her Eurovision track Don’t Break Me, presumably via the recently announced Eurovision Home Concerts YouTube series.

Lisa Mitchell is proof that all you really need is a guitar and melody to make an impression.

Best staging award goes to... Marlon Williams!

Although, Alice Ivy also delivered some pretty sweet vibes.

Did Alex The Astronaut really cover Justin Bieber as promised? You’ll have to head over to her Instagram before the performance disappears to find out.

Big Scary practising social distancing. Love it!

Keep an eye on The Music for all ISO-LAID round three announcements in the coming days.

Middle Kids

Alex Lahey

Camp Cope


Marlon Williams

Alex The Astronaut

Josh Pyke

Sarah Blasko

Alice Ivy

Ali Barter



Gretta Ray

Courtney Barnett

Phil Jamieson

Boat Show

Lisa Mitchell

Big Scary