Iggy Pop Calls Music Industry "Humiliating"

11 May 2012 | 3:03 pm | Daniel Crichton Rouse

The Stooges frontman lashes out at his label following its rejection of his covers album.

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Iggy Pop's label rejected his new album and the 65-year-old isn't happy. The Stooges frontman, famous for his "lust for life", has released Apres, a collection of cover versions of songs by such iconic artists as The Beatles and Edith Piaf, online after Virign EMI turned it down.

Speaking at a press conference in Paris he labelled the music industry "humiliating" and was full of vitriol towards his record label, Virgin EMI:

"They would have preferred that I do a rock album with popular punks, sort of like 'Hi Dad!' I was not going to do that!

"They didn't want [Apres]. They didn't think they would make any money, they didn't think my fans would like it - very sensible attitudes for a sensible sort of person - but that's a different sort of person than I am.

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"What has a record company ever done for me but humiliate and torment and drag me down?"

Make up your own mind about the album: Apres is out now digitally.


Et Si Tu N'existais Pas
La Javanaise
Everybody's Talkin'
I'm Going Away Smiling
La Vie En Rose
Les Passantes
What Is This Thing Called Love?
Only The Lonely

Watch a (brief) video of Iggy Pop talking about the album below. That's him singing La Vie En Rose in the background.