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I OH YOU's Top Five Buzz Industry Figures At BIGSOUND

12 September 2014 | 3:53 pm | Johann Ponniah

An extremely 'tired" Johann Ponniah from I OH YOU runs through his top 5 industry figures at BIGSOUND.

As everyone gasps for air and basks in what seems like the eternal hangover of Bigsound 2014, I OH YOU would like to give a shout out to our top five buzz industry figures of Bigsound 2014. Bands/producers are cool n all but lets face it, we're the brains behind this shit.

Mark Holland
I'm not sure if you've heard but Mark Holland signed that kid Troye Sivan so he's basically printing dollar bills now, the fact he even rocked up to BIGSOUND shows that he's still a man of the people. While I imagine his life is now somewhat similar to a Lil Wayne music video, he was still seen being a mad dawg legend and pounding beers at the bar. Shout out to Mark Holland.

Andy Kelly
Shout out to everyone's friend Andy Kelly for always keeping the vibes high and not telling everyone that he busted me trying to lift 10kg dumbbells in the ridiculously small gym at the Adina.

Mark Dodds
Shout out to Mark Dodds for having his finger on the pulse harder than anyone else in the Australian music industry. The BIGSOUND app was cool and all but the only schedule I make at these things is shadowing Mark Dodds from a distance and by doing so I always seem to end up at the coolest shows.

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Nick Yates
Shout out to Nick Yates for busting out the shorts and taking on the Queensland sun like a fucking mad dawg. Have you seen that guys pins? Solid as. He also just called me and invited me to come and smash bloody marys, that's the kind of guy Yates is.

Nick Findlay
Shout out to Nick Findlay for bro'ing harder than all the bro's and coming down to our party on Wednesday night and helping me DJ off my phone at some point. I think that happened, it's all a bit foggy.

There it is, that's our wrap up. Special mention to bad boy Nick O'Byrne for putting on another great year and the Sounds Australia homies for connecting everyone.

Now I'm going to cry in the shower while downloading all my fucking emails.