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Hip Hop Trio Enlist 'Ninjas' To Help Distribute New Tracks

22 April 2013 | 7:30 pm | Sally Anne Hurley

True Vibenation are giving fans a unique way to hear their latest material

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NSW hip hop outfit True Vibenation have revealed a unique way of distributing their new music to their fans in the latest installment of The Lulu Review.

The trio will load up the tracks onto USB sticks and have their team of "ninjas" to concrete them in different locations around Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

To the lucky fans who find these carefully placed USB sticks, the boys promise you'll get a full link to the entire 'Project' as well as a shout-out on their full-length LP that's due for release later this year.

The True Vibe guys also peform a sweet little acapella number in the video and reveal some of their pre-show behaviours, so check it out...

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