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High Highs Release New EP For Free

10 October 2014 | 11:53 am | Staff Writer

Enjoy the 'Ocean To City EP And Some Sketches' release for however much floats your boat

Sydney-bred duo High Highs have joined the growing army of artists releasing material for 'pay what you want' prices, unveiling their new Ocean To City EP And Some Sketches release via donation-driven database NoiseTrade.

Sporting five songs (including the title track and a piano-driven arrangement thereof), the EP is technically yours for free on the site, though, as with all NoiseTrade releases, there is an option to "leave a tip", should your conscience get the better of you.

Have a listen to the EP below, because convenience is a wonderful thing.

The free download is a slight (expanded) reworking of the band's just-released Ocean To City EP, with the pair currently enjoying a stay in New York (where, along with Sydney, the title track was written) like the internationally ascendant act they are, with their newfound freedom (since leaving full-time work) greatly informing the consequent creative output on Ocean To City (and the Some Sketches variant).

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"In a way we're responding to what we've seen after a year of travelling," guitarist Jack Milas said in a statement. "There are powerful moments and quiet moments, but we've tried to be honest in terms of presenting something that we think is beautiful."