Stopping By Brunswick Music Festival This Weekend? Here's The Local Faves You Should Visit

1 March 2019 | 12:36 pm | Martin Frawley

In the lead-up to ex-Twerp Martin Frawley's 15-gig pop-up residency as part of the Brunswick Music Festival, he's told us the 15 places to check out in Brunswick.

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Very Good Falafel

Sorry, but I will not budge, this is my favourite falafel around. The mango or turmeric paste will get you on side, but when it's paired with all the salad and the hummus and tahini is exceptional. The falafels look burnt, but once you break through the crust you're welcomed with the most beautifully coloured green. It’s the most delicious, fresh and crunchy falafel. Ah, fuck it, I’m going to get one tomorrow.


Basically anytime my mum is in town we eat here – she doesn’t drink and this place doesn’t serve alcohol so she likes that. She also loves the garlic dip and the family vibe. So if you see me there, don’t say "Wassup, dude?" I’m probably chatting with my mum, okay. I think my housemate's there as I type this?

Beatbox Kitchen 

My girlfriend loves hamburgers. Loves 'em. I have no idea how she eats so many of them. But what I love most is when she says “burgers”, so I like to drive past this spot and point it out and ask her, “What do they do?”

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Round & Round Records

I don’t have much money for vinyl at the minute and that’s good cause this place has lots of good stuff. Went in the other day and they were playing Woollen Kits, so I dig it, you hear me.

Blackhearts & Sparrows

Let’s be straight up, this crew are the best wine purveyors out. They have the best staff, the cheapest and best wine as well as heaps of good beer, the pet-nats are affordable and ever-changing, the people that run it are some of my favourite people out, and I used to work for them, so just go and spend your hard-earned money on your hard-earned thirst already!

Dejour Jeans

I used to like this spot until I had to wait in line – forgive me for not liking to stand around like a knob – but also everyone was wearing these so I went back to Levi's (I’m classic). Actually, maybe I am a knob?

Mediterranean Wholesalers 

Do you know me? 'Cause if you do, you know I love beers. This place sells real cheap beers, Aperol, Fernet-Branca – it’s got the goods alright. It’s also an actual shop that sells great groceries, but when I go to pay I usually get greeted with rolled eyes and a sigh 'cause I’m just loading up on yummy drinks. Also nab an espresso at the coffee shop in there just so you're excited to buy more beers.


I don’t really shop here because it’s always hectic, but apparently all musicians love vintage clothes. Joke's on you, I’m not like every musician.

Mr Kitly

I can’t afford to shop here because I’m a struggling artist, but it’s run by artists so you should go buy some of their wonderful stuff. When I get rich I will shop here and my house will be so marvellous everyone will ask, “Where did you buy all these beautiful things?"

The Retreat

Saw my old man play here once – I had so many beers I do not remember leaving. I also went here once and drank Guinness on tap while they played Radio Birdman. That’s the only two times I have been in this place, but they were two good times, so you can’t argue with that!

A1 Bakery

I mean, if you know this place, you know why it’s on the list, and all you’re probably asking yourself is why isn’t it up the top. Because this isn’t a list like that, okay. Not everything is a competition. Zaatar with veggies, just saying.

Edinburgh Castle Hotel

Twerps played a very good show here once, I had to leave after because I had a shit job washing dishes first thing in the morning. I think it was a Mistletone event – if you look on YouTube there is a clip and it’s the first ever clip of us playing. Love those days and those people.

Post Office Hotel

I had a very sad dinner here once with someone I love dearly. I probably won’t be forgetting that dinner, ever! But I also played at a 50th and did a cover of an AC/DC song which is a fantastic memory, and it also puts on fun gigs and feeds you well. Good people! Memories are memories and they are all good!

[Ed's note: Everyone knows Coburg is Brunswick's New Zealand]

Good Days

So when Stewart [Bronaugh] came out to record the record, I took him here. He sipped his mushroom pho and his sweet little eyes looked up at me and he said, "This is the best meal I have ever had." We returned three times in those nine days. Enough said.

83 Sydney Rd

You may be asking yourself, "What the hell is this spot?", and if you have made it this far, well my dear friend, we are friends. This is the address of my pop-up shop. I’ll be playing here for 15 nights straight - incredible bands, yummy drinks and an art installation like no other. Come down, say hi. Much love.

Martin Frawley plays Brunswick Music Festival from 3 Mar. For more info, check out theGuide below.