Hear Two Tracks From Modern Baseball's New Album

4 March 2016 | 4:33 pm | Staff Writer

'Apple Cider, I Don't Mind' and 'Everyday' are your first taste of upcoming LP 'Holy Ghost'

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Aussie-bound pop-punk faves Modern Baseball are about a month away from touching down on our shores for their (swiftly selling out) run of local shows, but you can hear two brand new tracks before catching them in action with the release of Apple Cider, I Don't Mind and Everyday.

The tracks mark the first taste of MoBo's upcoming, eagerly awaited third full-length, Holy Ghost, and it's quickly apparent listening to both that the band have made musical and personal strides - hinted at on last year's The Perfect Cast EP - since the navel-gazing brilliance of last album You're Gonna Miss It All.

Of the two, Everyday arguably carries more of the hallmarks that fans have come to expect from the Philadelphia outfit, with Apple Cider, I Don't Mind hinting that the band has learnt at least a few new musical tricks on the way to finishing this album. Either way, though, neither track does anything to dull the growing excitement ahead of Holy Ghost's release, and you can hear them both right here, right now:


Speaking of the story behind Everyday to NPR, guitarist/vocalist Jake Ewald

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said: "I have a pretty bad memory. When I manage to remember things from my past (recent or distant), they usually seem insignificant on the surface. Nevertheless, those are the things I remember, and most of the important stuff is forgotten.
is a short exhibit of those insignificant memories and an attempt at understanding their importance in my life."


Meanwhile, of Apple Cider, I Don't Mind, co-guitarist/vocalist Brendan Lukens said: "Trust is something every growing relationship needs. Without trust, all your conversations are just questions and doubts. I lost my best friend and partner, and didn't know who to blame. Apple is a toast to looking at past mistakes as a chance to move forward."

Holy Ghost is out on 13 May via Run For Cover/Cooking Vinyl Australia. You can pre-order it via iTunes here.