Health & Perturbator Join Forces For 'Body/Prison'

14 October 2018 | 1:01 am | Alex Sievers
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Health & Perturbator's 'Body/Prison' is an unexpected yet killer collaboration that's akin to mainlining adrenaline.

Health & Perturbator is a match made in heaven. 

Last month, Health teamed up with Soccer Mommy (AKA Sophie Allison) and Purity Ring's Corin Roddick for the dynamic, pretty-sounding, yet haunting tune, 'Mass Graves'. In a move that makes me even more anticipated for their supposed new album in early 2019, Health just recently dropped yet another collab track, the wicked-as-hell 'Body/Prison'. This time around, they worked with the moody, aggressive synthwave sounds of French electronica artist, Perturbator, real name James Kent. Geez, at this rate, I wouldn't at all be surprised if Full Of Hell or even Sophie collaborated with Health at this point.

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Anyway, 'Body/Prison' is a downright gnarly, filthy track that plays to the harsh electronic strengths of Health and the heavy-metal-leather synth work of Perturbator. In short, it's fucking sick! The hellish song's scraping, noisy synths screech like racing car tyres trying to escape doomsday approaching in the rear-view mirror, as the pulsating drum and bass fire loudly in-sync like giant pistons. All the while vocalist Jake Duzsik's overly-effected, atonal and suitably-depressing vocal lines float above the pumping instrumentals; a combo that works just as many wonders as it did on the infallible 'Death Magic' LP. And of course, implanted into this song's Rad Racer, Out Run inspired 16-bit visualizer - directed and animated by Zev Deans - the band's obligatory "You Will Love Each Other" reference is neatly tied in as well. Meaning I love everything about this new release.

Break the speed limit while driving along to adrenaline-rushing 'Body/Prison' below. Also, stay tuned for two more collabs from Health arriving soon enough...

[caption id="attachment_1104448" align="aligncenter" width="755"] Health, 2018. [/caption]