Have/Hold part ways with Luke Smith

10 December 2015 | 6:13 pm | Alex Sievers
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Locals Have/Hold have announced another personnel change.

Locals Have/Hold have announced another personnel change.

After welcoming a new guitarist last month, Luke Smith has posted a statement, which informs fans he is now stepping aside from the band.

"Hello. Smithy here.

In 2015 Have/Hold ticked some boxes none of us thought we would - Release an album that we're incredibly proud of, tour parts of the US and play with more bands we adore, in turn making more friends.

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In 2016 I won't be playing in Have/Hold anymore. With all the things we tried to achieve this year, it became a bit of a test with how different approaches to being in a band could work together, and in all honesty if we had another shot at booking anymore tours or releasing something, we might just end up killing each other! Best to avoid that, cut losses and let people do what they gotta do.

I've been playing in bands on and off for over ten years. Musically, I've never been more proud of anything than I am Have/Hold. My sincere thanks to anyone who ever had a pint with us after a show and had kind words.


Check out their debut record, 'King Salt' here.