Hands Like Houses preview new album

24 February 2016 | 10:18 pm | Staff Writer
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Canberra outfit Hands Like Houses have previewed their upcoming album 'Dissonants'.

Canberra outfit Hands Like Houses, AKA our national treasures, have previewed their upcoming album 'Dissonants'.

Scroll down to check out the compilation of track previews.

The album will officially drop this Friday (Februay 26) via Rise Records/UNFD. Read our 85/100 review here.

Both Melbourne’s 24Hundred and Sydney’s Utopia Records will host acoustic performances and signings in support of the band’s new album, ‘Dissonants’, this weekend.

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Saturday Feb 27 – 24Hundred, Melbourne

1-3pm acoustic performance and signing

Address: 17/19 Wangaratta St, Richmond VIC 3121

Sunday Feb 28 – Utopia Records, Sydney

1-3pm acoustic performance and signing

Address: Lower ground floor/511 Kent St, Sydney NSW 2000