'What’s Happening Here?': Delightful, Confusing, Shocking & Impressive 2021 Cover Art

7 December 2021 | 2:45 pm | The GYROstream Distribution Team

"Looks like one hell of a splitting headache..."

Any true music fan knows that the release artwork is just as important as the song. It is supposed to act as the perfect visual pairing. Like salt is to pepper or like tomato sauce is to meat pie - you can’t have one without the other. 

As one of Australia’s largest independently owned digital distribution companies, the GYROstream distribution team hear hundreds of releases every week and they also see the release art that comes along with each song. 

Here’s a selection of carefully curated release artworks that have delighted, confused, shocked and impressed the GYROstream team in 2021. We hope you enjoy them as much as we have. 

Alex Moses - Feel So Young

Melbourne’s Alex Moses is an artist who is absolutely full of beans. Song is a bop. Alex has toured with Yellowcard, Trophy Eyes and performed at Unify. He’s also in the east coast punk trio Columbus.

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BragiWild - The ReIntroduction

Look, we don’t know much about rap artist BragiWild apart from the fact he’s probably going to be sued by Warner Brothers for this artwork if he blows up.

Chloe Parche - Unfamiliar Faces

Chloe Parche is incredible. This song is incredible. This art is incredible. At just 17, Sydney pop artist Chloe has released two debut tracks this year and both feature dogs with sunnies on. Could we love her more? 

Jephthah Francis - Horses

This innovative themed illustration seems to reflects the childhood hero, a Spirit, galloping into the sunset… that is if he fell into the Matrix and came back with the head of a guy. The music is pretty eclectic and also equine themed too! Worth a listen. Daryl Braithwaite would be…. Proud?

Hugo Ruiz - La Cumbia Del Mar

We love Hugo and his mullet and also his graphic design and general vibe. What a hero. You can come around and take my nan salsa dancing anytime Hugo.

Ray Mak - INFERNO (Piano Version)

Ahhhh, Ray Mak. We definitely recommend checking out the whole of Ray Mak’s spotify profile. This guy is the king of release artwork - he’s got some real doozies in there. His tunes are A+ too. If you want more Ray Mak you can find him vlogging on YouTube. Sending some more superfans your way soon Ray!

Nick Gill - Mindless Scrolling

What’s happening here? We don’t know but we’re here for it. A Flight Of The Conchords-esque comedy jam for the TikTok masses. 

Those Who Dream - Tension Headache

I guess Those Who Dream are really waiting for the Panadol to kick in…. Looks like one hell of a splitting headache. Song is absolute FIRE.

The Well Presented Beaver - Placenta Of Attention

The Well Presented Beaver certainly does like to take a subtle approach to their visual imagery. Leaves a lot to the imagination.

Ray Mak - Everything Sucks (Piano Version)

Ray Mak! He’s so good he gets a second entry. Hang in there Ray, it’s going to be okay.

The Blue Devils - Ball Of Dust

When Bluey discovers Vogue Paris.

Chunky Mac - Woodchuck

I wonder what Woody Woodchuck would think of this. Watch out for your molars there Chunky Mac...

Tony Brewin - You Won’t Escape My Love

Read into this what you will but that is a very perfectly positioned foot in the frame. Also, we love the Microsoft Publisher vibes on the design. Very 2007 of you. 

Woody Martin - Serenity & Calm

That’s some powerful portrait mode you’ve got going on there Woody.