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Great Finds: Delta Sleep – ‘El Pastor’

18 May 2018 | 6:16 am | Alex Sievers
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Come & speak the language of Delta Sleep.

Come & speak the language of Delta Sleep.

I’m not sure if this whole “Great Finds” segment will become a running thing for us or not just yet. Though, pretty much, I just wanted a good excuse to shine a light on the excellent new single from Delta Sleep - 'El Pastor'. As quite simply, I'm in love with it!

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For those out there who heard how solid and dynamic this U.K. band's debut LP 'Twin Galaxies' was back in 2015 and thought, "how the hell can they top it?" Well, this fresh song right here is how.

The Brighton math-rock quartet's first single in three years is a brilliant first look at new music from the indie/emo/mathy outfit; a real gem of beautiful guitar chords, strong rhythmic pulses, tight and busy drum work, resonating lyricism, a hint of cowbell, thick bass lines, big gang vocals, and wonderful melodies all-around. 'El Pastor' captures that clean and lush math-rock vibe that the likes TTNG, Meet Me In St. Louis and Tangled Hair all utilize so well, along with nice throwbacks to newer bands such as Tiny Moving Parts and even earlier groups like American Football.

It's one of those tracks that sonically captures the actual lyrics that guide it along; lyrics that detail fresh-aired nature landscapes miles away from grey and dark shadows cast by any city. It's all about getting back to the roots of the world and taking in the small things that dot the existence beyond our bustling modern lives. (The lyrics "Been out of the city for over two weeks/Almost forgotten the sadness it breeds/Work for a leader that no one has seen/Stare at a screen that feeds on your dreams" are pretty telling of the band's distaste for CBD's and 9-5's). For just as the vocals at one point decry, "Everything's so beautiful... In full colour", so too in-colour is the very music that goes in-hand with those words.

Filmed by Devin Yuceil on the coldest day and night of Spring in the band's chilly and overcast hometown, the song's music video is a contrasting representation of the lovely environments spoken of in the lyrics. So instead, us viewers are shown the city itself, the band's familiar landmarks of Brighton, those cold and weary English beaches, the cool night air of their town, and so on. All as Delta Sleep battle the icy weather and even have a little fun in filming this clip too.

Pray that Delta Sleep's 2nd LP drops soon & that 'El Pastor' is indicative of its overall quality.

Also, check out this sick live cover of Weezer's classic 'Blue' album tune, 'My Name Is Jonas':