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EXCLUSIVE: Gordi Shares Her Top Five Gig Moments From The Past Year

12 March 2021 | 2:37 pm | Gordi

Musician and doctor Gordi has felt the impact of COVID-19 from two very different fields. Here, she shares a look at the gigs that have been possible throughout the past 12 months.

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The last 12 months has been the ultimate curve ball. I thought I would be flung around the world on tour in 2020 but instead I was back at home. 

Artists everywhere came up with creative ways to reach their audience - usually through a phone screen. These were my five favourite gigs that I played over the past year (that I probably wouldn’t have if not for this damn pandemic).

Sydney Opera House

I played a live-streamed show at the Sydney Opera House to no one in July of 2020. Well, no one physically, but I’m told people were watching on the Internet. I have wanted to play in the Opera House my whole life, so it was a pretty special occasion. 

It was the first time my band and I had performed songs from Our Two Skins and it was instantly broadcast live around the world and it will remain in the Internet ether forever. We were equal parts stoked and petrified. 

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Pic by Jess Gleeson

Isol-Aid: Frontline Workers Edition

Isol-Aid was an incredible initiative that gave artists a really credible and equitable platform to play live music to a willing audience. 

I participated a few times, and one instance was particularly memorable because it was a frontline-workers edition. We found artists that had also been working in healthcare during the pandemic. It was a special one. 

Buried City

I released a record, Our Two Skins, in June of 2020 and usually I would have spent the next year or so on tour promoting the record. 

As a music fan, I feel like I need to see songs from the record played live to strengthen the depth of my connection to it. I wanted to bring ‘Our Two Skins’ to life so that people in all corners of the globe could step into its world. So, with the help of Michael Beets, we created a virtual reality show called Buried City.

Sounds Better Together

Michael Gudinski was a true hero for the music industry over the course of the pandemic and multiple lockdowns - from Music On The Home Front to the The Sound, he gave so many in the industry a chance to work again. Sounds Better Together was his most recent triumph - it was a series of gigs around Victoria. I played at Mt Duneed Estate on a lineup with Didirri, Tones and I and Missy Higgins. 

It was really the first time I’d seen other artists play in such a long time. I sang The Sound Of White with Missy Higgins and had a truly excellent day.


Phoenix Central

We are very lucky here in Australia that shows have somewhat started again. I’ve been touring recently and trying to surf the wave that is border restrictions. 

A relatively new arts space called Phoenix Central, in Chippendale (Sydney), has begun hosting various artists, bands and performers for special one-off shows. I performed at Phoenix Central in February to a face-masked-audience. 

I felt truly lucky to be playing in such a beautiful space to such a receptive and respectful crowd. 

Pic by Jess Gleeson

Gordi is one of a number of artists sharing intimate shows at Melbourne's Forum Theatre in the coming days and weeks. There are last minute tickets available for her show tonight, Friday 12 March. Head to theGuide for more info.