Goon-Themed Aus Punk Band Get Weird With Goon In New Video

2 March 2016 | 8:46 pm | Staff Writer

It’s a real golden shower.

If you have a house party and supply 200 litres of goon to your guests, you’ll no doubt have an interesting evening.

That’s exactly what Melbourne band Keggin did for the music video for the aptly titled single The Goon Song, which results in goon showers and people making love to cask wine.

50 casks of fine wine later and some questionable actions and the punk rockers have produced a video that toes a line somewhere between funny and sickening.

The Goon Song is taken from the band’s new EP, Red, White And Spew, which drops March 7 and gets an official launch at Yah Ya’s in Collingwood on April 2.

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