Good Beer Week 2016 Announce Full Program

18 March 2016 | 1:26 pm | Staff Writer

The Music is presenting the Good Times - Bigger Than Elvis stream

If you love a good brewski, set aside your nights between 13 and 22 May as Good Beer Week 2016 is coming to Melbourne.

With over 270 events around 150 venues slated in, this is the best place to try new beers from breweries all around the world. With the events sectioned off into five streams, The Music are proud to be presenting 58 events as part of the Good Times — Bigger Than Elvis stream, featuring events like the Opening Night and Closing Night parties, Little Creatures Barcade (where you play a Mario tournament as you drink your Creatures), the Girl Power: Women & Beer party, the Beavertown Can Art Auction and heaps more.

Many of the events boast free entry, while others cost $80 or $90 so you can have good feed to go with your beer.

Other streams include the Foodie stream, the Beer 101 stream, the Beer Geek stream and the Beer Lover stream, all tailored to one's different tastes and knowledge of the mighty ale.

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