God-Tier Polyphia Drummer's Drum Tech saves the day after click-track fails

1 June 2022 | 9:47 am | Staff Writer
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So, remember a few weeks ago, we wrote an article titled "New Polyphia is here to make you feel like an inferior musician." ANNNND they're back to do more of the same. This time, their absolute GOD-TIER drummer Clay Aeschliman's click track went out, changing the entire landscape of the performance for him, trying to desperately play along to the live monitor foldback (barely dropping a beat, mind you), their drum tech taps out the tempo for him on his leg for the next 30 minutes.

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So yeah, this is absolutely bonkers. Jason Tyler from the band Belmont filmed this for Tik Tok at the So What!? Festival. Their drum tech Chris Lent deserves MASSIVE props here for this and we BET that he was shouted all the beers that night by the band. This is an absolute technical NIGHTMARE for most bands, and this guy single-handedly saved the show. There is insane amounts of talent in Polyphia, this isn't some "THEY SHOULD BE ABLE TO PLAY WITHOUTTHE CLICK" moment, that's their show, it's TIGHT, it's meticulous, it's CLEAN and TO THE MICRO-SECOND on the money. 

This is absolutely incredible. Check it out below - and their single/video "Playing God". Which turns out, they aren't just doing that, they are.

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