Go-Betweens Members To Reunite For '16 Lovers Lane' Tribute Ft Steve Kilbey, Ron Peno & More

30 May 2017 | 6:01 pm | Mitch Knox

The all-star concert will be held at QPAC as part of the Qld Music Festival this July

Lindy Morrison, John Willsteed and Amanda Brown. Pic via YouTube

Lindy Morrison, John Willsteed and Amanda Brown. Pic via YouTube

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As part of the huge program launch for this year's Queensland Music Festival, it has been announced that three members of beloved Brisbane band The Go-Betweens will reunite for the first time since 1989 to take part in an epic tribute concert for their acclaimed sixth studio album, 16 Lovers Lane.

Lindy MorrisonAmanda Brown and John Willsteed will pay homage to the 1988 album on which all three played along with co-founders Robert Forster and the late Grant McLennan  — the last Go-Betweens record of the 'classic' era — with assistance from Dan KellyDanny Widdicombe and Luke Daniel Peacock rounding out the core line-up of the band.

The Go-Betweens co-founder Robert Forster will not perform, but has expressed his support for the concert. 

That already-acclaimed ensemble will be joined by a range of incredible Australian musicians including The Church's Steve Kilbey, GANGajang's Mark Callaghan and Died Pretty's Ron Peno, as well as festival artistic director Katie Noonan and her brother, Tyrone (both also known for their work with george), plus MontaigneSam Cromack and Jen Boyce (Ball Park Music), Tim Nelson and Zoe Davis (Cub Sport), Sahara Beck and Kirin J Callinan.

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"We will be recreating that amazing album on its 30th anniversary … it's going to be amazing," Noonan said of the event in an interview with The Music. "And Lindy, Amanda and John haven't played together since Berlin in 1989, I think … so that's super-special.

"You know, Grant was one of my heroes as a musician, but just as a human being — he was the sweetest man — and I thought, well, you know, it was only the 10-year anniversary of his passing, I think, the year before last [Ed: it was 2016], so, you know, he just influenced and inspired so many musicians in Brisbane, Queensland, and around the world; they were such an example of, 'Wow, you can be from, y'know, St Lucia and have an international career as a musician'.

"Them and The Saints paved the way for so many other artists, so it'll be beautiful to celebrate Grant's and Robert's incredible songwriting and songbook."

The all-star concert will be held on Friday 14 July at QPAC; the wider Qld Music Festival will run from 7-30 July all across the state.