Global Music Publisher Peermusic Signs Deal With Premier Aussie Post-Production House

14 December 2015 | 4:08 pm | Staff Writer

The US company has joined forces with local company Trackdown Digital to lock down the local scene

Global, independent music publisher Peermusic has just announced a partnership with Trackdown Digital, merging distribution with Australia's largest music and post-production facility, which also hosts the largest orchestral recording stage across the Southern Hemisphere.

From this month, Peermusic has set up a strategic partnership that will see the Australian music company engage with Trackdown Digital to tackle in-house A&R, sync activities and business-related opportunities across the Australian and New Zealand territories.

This strategic merging will see Geoff Watson appointed as Vice President of A&R and New Projects of Peermusic Australia with Gary Seeger as Creative Director; both men are veterans of music, film and television throughout the Australian market. Vera Lente, who has been with Peermusic for over two decades, will also be promoted to Director of Administration.

"Given the ever-evolving business of music, I am delighted to be working with the entrepreneurial and forward-thinking spirit of Geoff and Gary and their incredible team at Trackdown," Peermusic president and managing director Kathy Spanberger said in a statement.

Added Trackdown's Watson: "I have known Peermusic and Kathy for most of my career, and I am very excited that another new creative business adventure is about to begin! The combination of Peermusic’s extraordinary catalogue and worldwide reach with Trackdown’s unique position in the Australian and global market will be formidable."

Peermusic is one of the world’s largest privately owned publishing entities, in operation since 1928 and covering over 27 countries, with more than 275,000 titles through its genre-spanning catalogue encompassing country, blues, jazz and pop to Latin, concert and rock‘n’roll. Peermusic is also home to notable acts such as Family Of The Year, R&B singer Tyrese, David Foster and legacy artist Malcolm McLaren.

As one of the leading multimedia, film (Gods of Egypt, Fury Road, The Lego Movie, Knowing, Happy Feet, Australia, Moulin Rouge and Master and Commander), television (Sally Bollywood, Zigby, Farscape and Australian Idol) and music solution companies, Trackdown boasts a selection of studios, suites which caters to music recording and audio post-production, as well as Australia’s premier Orchestral Scoring Stage which hosts space for the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Australian Opera and contemporary pop, rock and jazz music acts.

For more information, see Peermusic and Trackdown's websites.