Ghost Cover Shakespears Sister's 'Stay' With Actor Patrick Wilson

8 July 2023 | 11:47 am | Mary Varvaris
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Patrick Wilson wanted to involve Ghost in his directorial debut of Insidious: The Red Door and met up with Tobias Forge after seeing the band twice last year.

Ghost & Patrick Wilson

Ghost & Patrick Wilson (Credit: Ester Segarra (Ghost), Patrick Wilson: Supplied)

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Ghost have released an unexpected collaboration with Tony-nominated singer and actor Patrick Wilson (Insidious, Aquaman, The Conjuring) for the end credits to the latest Insidious film, The Red Door, now playing in cinemas.

Wilson, a self-proclaimed Ghost fan, worked with the band on a cover of Shakespears Sister’s Stay from the UK pop duo’s 1992 album, Hormonally Yours. A #1 single in the UK and Tobias Forge’s native Sweden and #3 in Australia, the song was massive. Ghost don’t get too heavy with it; instead, they allow Wilson to take the lead for the first few verses.

However, when Tobias Forge comes in, Stay feels like a Ghost song and becomes a theatrical rock number. Wilson wanted to involve Ghost in his directorial debut of Insidious: The Red Door and met up with Forge after seeing the band twice last year.

Also inspired by the Joe Elliott (Def Leppard) duet of Spillways from Ghost’s #1 album, Impera, Wilson got back in touch with Forge, who was already working on a cover of Stay, and promptly put together the stunning duet you can hear below.

Explaining the dream come true collaboration with Ghost, Wilson said in a lengthy statement:

“It was Joe Bishara, our Insidious composer and resident Lipstick Demon who first got me into Ghost about 10 years ago. Joe knew I liked metal… but he also knew I liked melody. What can I say? I’m a child of the ‘80s… when soaring voices and blazing guitars were played at every dance, every fast food parking lot, and every day in my house. Ghost had the right blend of metal, melody, and an unforgettable image. This coming from a guy who collected KISS cards in the '70s…  so I know good rock branding and imagery when I see it!

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 “Ghost, for me, is one of the most unique rock bands out there. Tobias’ sense of melody is only matched by his storytelling. The blistering imagery of him and the band is unlike any other. The balance of dark lyrics with soaring (and, dare I say… angelic) melodies, make listening to them a different experience than any other band out there. At least that’s what it does for me.

 “So clearly, when I wanted a band that embodied the spirit of Insidious lore, I knew where to look first. Stay is such a hauntingly beautiful tune to end my film with, because the dark lyrics juxtaposed against the sweeping melody (written by Dave Stewart) are a great bookend to my film. Singing on it alongside Tobias was an absolute thrill. I wanted the tune to feel like it was Josh Lambert (my character) singing… and then being tempted by the devil (the lipstick demon)… in this case, sung by the brilliant Tobias Forge. Tobias’ tone is a sharp contrast to mine, and his new arrangement of the song is faithful yet fresh. It was an honor [sic] to be featured on the tune, and I can’t thank Tobias and the Ghost crew, especially Tim Bickford and Kristen Mulderig, for making this happen.

 “Ghost is the perfect blend of theatricality met with musical mastery. Tobias is at the top of his game, and I’m thrilled to have him on the soundtrack, and honored [sic] to sing alongside him.”

Last week, Ghost upgraded all the venues for their upcoming Australian tour to massive arenas. In addition to the venue upgrade news, the band revealed that they are bringing their total international production to Australia, promising an utterly authentic Ghost experience for their devoted fans.

You can buy tickets via Destroy All Lines.