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Frontierer team up with Employed To Serve members for 'The Molten Lava'

4 April 2019 | 2:28 pm | Alex Sievers
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'The Molten Lava', a violent crossover between two amazing U.K. bands.

'The Molten Lava', a killer crossover between Frontierer & Employed To Serve.

The stampeding Frontierer express shows no signs of stopping or even slowing down of late, with the band's newest single, 'The Molten Lava', erupting onto the internet recently. A bonus track to their 2018 mind-bending monster, 'Unloved', now made available due to the album's recent vinyl release, 'The Molten Lava' is the bat-shit-insane, chaotic norm for Frontierer. It's full of whammy runs, some maddening rhythms, super low-tunings, massive low-end, and plenty of math-metal goodness.

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The only trick here is that now that wicked sound has been bolstered by two guest features from Employed To Serve (who have a new record, 'Eternal Forward Motion', dropping on May 10th). ETS guitarist/backing vocalist Sammy Irwin and screamer Justine Jones both lend their talents here; both keeping up the same level of aggro-energy as their Scottish counterparts do so throughout this burning new single.

Chunky drum hits, earth-shaking bass and thickened down-tuned guitars hulk across the run-time of 'The Molten Lava'. Yet for all of the hefty chaos that ensues, the song's production is still so surprisingly clean and crisp, an achievement in of itself given Frontierer's ridiculously extreme metal sound. And dare I say it, there's actually some breathing room to be had here too. Which sounds crazy given what this band has done before. Yet that darkened guitar intro is but the calm before the storm, things are also slower in tempo, and the song's groove is far more easily definable than most other Frontierer tracks. Even with all of those sweet, skin-peeling whammy slides firing off.

On top of that, the guest vocal parts from Sammy and Justine really do add to the track; a three-pronged vocal attack that's just so damn cool come the end.

I really wouldn't be shocked to learn that 'The Molten Lava' is but a tease of what Frontierer are cooking up next. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, guitarist/songwriter Pedram Valiani actually mentions that they're now experimenting with changing tunings mid-song, which sounds fucking insane given how much is already going on in their music. Colour me keen though!

The accompanying visuals for 'The Molten Lava' don't only fit the red colour scheme of the band's latest LP, but they also reveal what kind of intensity that you'll witness when at one of their live shows. Fingers crossed that an Australian live appearance, in some form, will happen one day. Take a look: