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Foxing Soar With The Beautiful 'Nearer My God'

24 July 2018 | 1:55 pm | Alex Sievers
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The latest track from Foxing, 'Nearer My God', is the perfect cure for the blues.

Foxing's 'Nearer My God' is the perfect cure for the blues.

On August 10th, through the kind folks over at Triple Crown Records, Foxing will release their much-anticipated third album, 'Nearer My God'. Sitting in the same lane as other famed groups like Death Cab For Cutie and The Antlers, Foxing's music is a lot like sweet herbal tea for your heart and mind. Which is exactly the moving emotional effect had when listening to the title track of their upcoming third LP; a desperate cry to see if anyone still want's you at all during your last few good years of life.

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Combining firm, grungy bass tones, yearningly ambient guitars, indie rock vibes, nebulous post-rock dynamics, and some new wave emo with wonderfully metaphoric and poetic lyrics, 'Nearer My God' is a soothing remedy for weary, lonely souls everywhere. Far more personally, however, this is a real "pick-me-up" track for me of late. It's an addictive, soulful, and sonically touching song that I keep on returning to time and time again - from its humbling beginnings to its euphoric climax, it just hits me so hard. 'Nearer My God', for yours truly at least, is one of those songs that was heard at just the right time in his life. But enough about me for now.

In the previous Foxing video, the mesmerizing 'Slapstick', we saw frontman Conor Murphy working himself to death in order to preserve the life and happiness of a cute, tiny living-plant creature (that kinda looks like the Demogorgon from Stranger Things too). Yet in the clip, he's trying to play it all off like it doesn't hurt and acting like it isn't slowly killing him; with all of his efforts end up being in vain too. Wouldn't be a Foxing release without some form of tragedy or conflict. Here, in 'Nearer My God', we find Conor simply singing directly to the camera in a Super 8 style clip; a far cry from the production and scope of their last, yet with Conor donning the same outfit as before. (Not sure if there's a wider narrative here or if it's just what he was wearing when they shot this clip). It's an overly simple visual take, yes, but it's effective; keeping you honed directly in on the honest music and lyrics unfolding right before you.

In short, it's a beautiful little creation.