Five Cheap Ways To Dress Up Like Aussie Musicians This Halloween

30 October 2015 | 2:04 pm | Uppy Chatterjee

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Halloween can be damn expensive if you wanna go all-out. Who has $5,000 for a legit Stormtrooper outfit? No one.

Luckily, because are team players and super duper helpful and are all about arts and craft, we've put together a guide to five cheap, totally hand-made and totally awesome costumes you can mock up in the next day to dress up like your favourite Aussie musicians. 

Angus young — AC/DC

Why does this grown-ass man still dress like a British schoolboy? No one really knows. This one's an easy costume though — head straight to Vinnie's for an old velour suit jacket (bonus if you find one from the '80s with shoulder pads) and Lowes for a $20 pair of shorts. Now cut the length of the shorts by half. Any shirt, shoes, socks and striped tie will do, and your sister's wardrobe will have the golf cap you need, back from the early 2000s when for some reason it was cool for young female socialites to wear golf caps with a Chanel handbag. Flatten a cardboard box and cut out the shape of a Gibson SG, paint it black.

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If you can't be bothered doing most of above, head to an affluent suburb and steal a child's private school uniform.


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luke steele — Empire Of The Sun

To begin, fall face first into a drag queen's professional make-up kit. Okay, good. Now, let's work on the costume. Curtains or a table will work perfectly as a cloak, and for the head-dress you can use your kitchen knife set all superglued to a headpiece. You can use a blue spandex Morphsuit with the head cut off for the base, then wear as many of your grandmother's old pearls as you can find. Embellish with dishwashing gloves and anything else sparkly you can find at home.

kylie minogue 

Alas, there are so many incarnations of Kylie that would make the perfect Halloween costume. Locomotion-Kylie, Spinning Around-Kylie, Neighbours-Kylie… but our favourite, I Should Be So Lucky-Kylie. In particular, the scene where she's sitting in the bathtub, though all of her outfits in this video are pretty costume-worthy — provided you have the huge '80s wig, of course. All you need is a white washing tub (one without the holes) that you can use as a bathtub, with a lot of bubble wrap glued in and around you. Whack on the crazy eyes and voila! Kylie in her heyday. 

Golden Features

This is the laziest/easiest costume of all. Wear a black jumper, hoodie, button down shirt or tee and spray paint a hockey mask gold. This costume even doubles as Friday The 13th's Jason Voorhees, depending on how grubby your black clothes are and who you're speaking to — in case some Halloween diehards appreciate Friday The 13th over Golden Features, you can adapt your answer.

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There are two ways to go about this: 1) Send a blonde toddler to the Halloween party for you. Stay home and pig out on the couch. 2) Wear a black outfit (the oversized the better) and grab a blonde wig that you'll consequently spend four hours teasing so it's the appropriate size. NB: This outfit can also be partnered with a Shia LeBeouf costume (wear nothing but cream underpants and make sure you're sweating profusely before you enter the party). 

Like our Golden Features costume, this costume can double as Garth from Wayne's World if you chuck on a pair of glasses, depending on the person you're speaking to.