Finn McKenty backs Parkway Drive/holds fans to account for tour cancellation criticism

14 April 2022 | 2:45 pm | Staff Writer
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Face of The Punk Rock MBA, Finn McKenty, says what we were thinking about American PWD fans/punters criticising Parkway Drive for cancelling their North American Tour Dates

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On April 7 Australian time, the legends in Parkway Drive posted this about cancelling their North American tour dates, citing that they are taking time for themselves and making sure that they still have the fire in the belly to continue on with Parkway Drive.

NORTH AMERICA 2022 TOUR CANCELED Dear friends, family and fans, This is something we never thought we would be...

Posted by Parkway Drive on Wednesday, April 6, 2022

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Now, Finn McKenty has released this video absolutely LAMBASTING entitled fans. The caption on the video reads: "Parkway Drive canceled their upcoming tour with Hatebreed, The Black Dahlia Murder and Stick To Your Guns, and some fans are not happy with Parkway Drive. What does this say about Parkway Drive, and the entitled mindset of fans regarding mental health?"

He goes on to talk about the high level of entitlement in fans, reading through fan comments on their facebook posts. He cites that creative people's mental health is not the most stable and that these things take a heavy toll. He expresses that it's "so shitty" that fans have reacted this way. And goes on to say he respects their being "relentless fuckin' road dogs" and their hustle and grind over the last 20 years. And, frankly, FUCKING SAME. Watch the video below - we back every word.

VIVA THE UNDERDOGS. Big love Parkway Drive. Take your time. Rest. Recoup. Come back stronger when you want. We will be waiting.